Silverado 5th Wheel Renovation

This 2005 Crossroads Silverado RV renovation has been our most fun renovation to date! We picked her up in Cheyenne, Wyoming and I knew I wanted to do a mountain modern theme with my own spin. I was very inspired by my great grandmother's ranch house in Sunlight, Wyoming that I used to visit as a child and started putting a mood board together the second we found the rig online.

Planning The RV Renovation

Mood board for Silverado design

Putting together a Pinterest board of things you like and then turning that into a focused mood board for your RV renovation before you start really helps keep the vison cohesive while making choices going forward. You can see that some of the things on my original board (that I made before even picking up the trailer) didn’t get used but the overall feel of the end result stayed consistent. I kept the mood board on my phone so I could refer to it when shopping for paint colors, flooring, and RV décor items. This was so helpful for my wandering brain!

Before Pictures


This 5th wheel rig was older and dated but in great condition and a perfect candidate for an RV renovation. Its crazy to look back at the pictures and see what she used to look like!



As soon as we got back from picking her up we started on demolition. We removed the old, bulky furniture, took out the slide trim, ripped out the carpet and linoleum, and took out all of the upper cabinets to create more of an open feel. A lot of the RV cabinets were screwed on from the outside so we had to use a multi-tool to cut some of them and we had to do a fair amount of patching after we removed them. Demolition doesn’t take very long, it’s making everything work well and look nice afterwards that does.

Prepping and Painting

After demolition we started the real work – weeks of patching, sanding, cutting shiplap, hanging shiplap, cleaning, masking, priming, sanding some more, painting, painting, painting. And anytime I thought painting was done, I found another area that needed “just one more coat”. It’s a good thing I like painting!


The bulk of the RV renovation was spent in this step, me getting things ready to paint and Shaun fixing any little thing that could possibly be an issue, while also doing all the air sprayer painting.

The steps we use for painting are to patch holes, caulk edges, sand with a 120 sanding block, clean with TSP paint prep cleaner, prime, lightly sand again any area that needs it, inspect closely for other holes, cracks that need to be filled, and then finally paint two-three layers.

In this rig we used Alpine Trail by Bher in a semi gloss for the RV cabinets and feature walls, and then Night Blooming Jasmine by Bher in Satin for the rest of the RV interior, including walls, trim, and ceiling.



When painting was finally, finally finished painting and a million random projects like building the day bed and making the shower pan, we were able to start laying the flooring! This is such a fun step of an RV renovation because it finally starts to feel like a home and the vision starts to come to life. Flooring an RV is a special challenge because of the tight spaces and ALL the angles and corners. It takes as long to floor an RV as it would a house because almost every piece needs to be measured and cut for a new, odd angle. But it is so worth it!

For this rig we used LVP flooring from Home Depot because it is vinyl all the way through and cannot be water damaged. Also, it is thin and works well with slide outs in an RV and isn’t effected by extreme temperatures like other flooring options can be.


On the exterior of the trailer we fixed a small area of water damage we found in the roof, resurfaced the roof, replaced the awning and all slide topper fabric, removed all of the old, cracked graphics, wet sanded, and waxed the fiberglass. We wanted the RV renovation to not just be about the inside and wanted to give the outside a fresh, clean look so we opted to not put any graphics back on.

We tried SO many products to remove our cracked RV graphics, finally finding a product called GraphXoff that worked wonders, I have a video tutorial of the process here.

Decorating the RV Interior

And now for the pretty part. We tell people that the pretty part of a trailer renovation is only 10 percent of the whole renovation, and that’s not much of a stretch! And that makes it even more rewarding once we get there.

One of the nicest things about doing a 5th Wheel remodel is the amazing ceiling height, it really helps to make the RV interior feel open and like an actual home, which is always our goal when doing a trailer renovation. It took so much work getting to this point, but the hard work made the end result that much more rewarding. Now lets get into all the finishing details!

RV Dinette


The RV dinette was two apposing benches but we wanted to add more seating so we separated the benches and added another bench on the back wall, creating a U-shaped dinette. We really wanted this space to be a place to have all the family eating around the same table, or to be able to put your feet up and relax, or crank out a work project or craft project. We felt that turning it into a U-shape gave the space more flexibility while still maintaining the dinette bed function.

Dinette Sources

The benches, as well as the shiplap, was painted with the Bher Night Blooming Jasmine in Satin. The tabletop is from Ikea and we screwed the original table couplers to the bottom of the tabletop once we scuffed and painted them a high-durability spray paint. We recovered the original RV dinette cushions with a vinyl fabric from Joann’s called San Fran Caramel. I have a video showing how to sew dinette cushions and also one demonstrating a no-sew method. The curtains are made out of drop cloth and leftover fabric from the dinette cushions and drop cloth following the Sawdust To Stitches tutorial. The light is from Amazon, as are the cabinet handles.

Cedar Beams


As soon as I saw @r.maria.fullers cedar beams I was obsessed. When we got this rig I knew it was the perfect opportunity to try our hand at them, and I am so glad that we did! They turned out beautiful, even though they were a bit of a pain! The reason we chose cedar is because its crazy light, I can hold one ten foot beam easily in one hand. The ‘beams’ were made out of cedar boards made to look like a beam, we sanded the boards and smacked them a bit with a chain to make them look more weathered. For the finish we messed around with different combinations of stain on the backside of the boards until we were happy with it. In the end I think we used a combination of Danish Wood Oil, a very little bit of Jacobean, and some green Rit dye to soften the red tones.

Couch Area


The old RV couch was dark, dingy, and weighed a million pounds. A common misconception is that RV couches are lightweight and that you have to get an RV specific couch if you want a new one. Neither of those thoughts are correct. For whatever reason, RV couches usually weigh much more than residential and replacing them is a super fast and easy way to make an RV feel more like a home. The hardest part of finding a new couch for your RV is finding one that will fit your space. That is why we highly recommend finding a couch you like first and then building anything else around that.

Couch Area Sources

We found this couch at Walmart, it is Better Homes and Garden brand and it does fold out into a double size bed with a memory foam mattress, SO much better than the paper thin mattress on the old one. And the couch weighs 1/3 of what the old one did. Shaun made the floating side table out of scrap wood left over from the beam project, the pillow I made from leftover fabric from the curtain project, the cup was thrifted, and the blanket came from TJ Maxx, here is a similar one. The lights above the couch were original, we sanded and spray painted them black.



When I first saw pictures of this rig I knew I wanted to do a daybed/window seat where the captain chairs were. One, because I’m obsessed with curling up with a good book on a window seat, but also because it creates so much more seating and storage, as well as being able to be used as a bed. Creating flex spaces in a tiny home is critical. The captain chairs were extremely heavy, Shaun and I could barely carry them out. The materials we used to build the daybed didn’t even come close to the weight we took out, which is always the goal.

Building The Daybed

The daybed was made using 2x2s and 1/4 inch paneling for the sides, the top lids are made from 1/2 inch paneling, the exterior was painted Night Blooming Jasmine by Bher in satin, the inside was left unpainted wood. The shiplap was painted with Alpine Trail by Bher in satin. We made the top cushions out of foam mattresses that we cut to size and then covered with Vinyl Fabric from Joann’s. I made a tutorial video of that process here.

Daybed Sources

The curtains were made following the Sawdust To Stitches Tutorial, the big pillows and covers are from Ikea, the sconce lights are from amazon, the smaller pillow is from TJ Maxx. The rug is is a Dakota Charcoal rug from Ruggable.

RV Kitchen


We left the general layout of the kitchen and changed pretty much everything else. There used to be bulky, light blocking upper cabinets hanging above the counter that made the whole kitchen feel super claustrophobic and actually made most of the countertops hard to use. Removing those cabinets was the best thing we did for this trailer renovation, hands down. Even though the upper cabinets contained a large amount of the kitchen’s storage most of it was so high up you’d have to be an NBA player to access all but the bottom shelf. We did add in a pantry in a previously unused corner of the trailer to offset the storage we removed.

Coffee Bar

When we first got the RV there was a massive 100+ pound TV in it, we removed the TV and left multiple areas in the rig for either a wall mounted TV or a ceiling mounted flip TV. In the space the old TV left we created a coffee bar and open shelving with lots of storage. We wanted the look of open shelves while also being able to leave baskets and other things on them while in transportation so we created a false beam look that is actually a lip to hold things on them.

Kitchen Sources

The countertops for the coffee bar and around the stove are concrete-look laminate from Ikea, the stove cover/cutting board is also from Ikea. The spice shelves are copycat Ikea that Shaun made. The peninsula butcherblock is from Home Depot, finished with a butcher block finish. The Faucet, cabinet hardware, and pendant basket light are all from Amazon. The backsplash is from Quadrostyle, it is the only peel and stick I have found that is strong enough to withstand the temperature fluctuations of an RV. The white baskets are from Target. The dishcloth is from Walmart. The teas on the shelf are from Spice and Herb Store.

RV Bathroom


I was pretty excited about renovating the whole RV, but I was the most excited about renovating this bathroom! I have never seen a bigger RV bathroom than this Silverado has. How its laid out with the separate water closet and linen closet on one side and the sink and shower on the other it not only makes the bathroom feel big but it also makes the bedroom feel spacious as well. Why RV manufacturers don’t do this layout anymore is beyond me.

Bathroom Sources

The foundation of the whole bathroom design is the Frost Nickel DumaWall tiles. No, they are not real tiles, and no, they are not stick ons. They are actually lightweight PVC tiles that are sealed with silicon and attached with construction adhesive. We love them. The countertop is a solid surface scrap that we picked up at a local countertop shop. The cabinet is painted Alpine Trail by Bher and the tile on the bottom of the shower is a matte grey tile from Lowes. Pretty much all the finishes in this trailer are from amazon, including the mirror, faucet, sink, shower curtain and rod, the light, the shower fixture, and the storage baskets. The baskets in the water closet and linen closet are from Walmart.

RV Bedroom


Last, but not least, the bedroom! The things I love about this bedroom are the king-size bed, the massive window, and all that storage! What I didn’t like about this bedroom: carpet, grandma curtains, beige overload. The goal with the bedroom was to create a bright, inviting, cozy, retreat that brought nature in. I think we succeeded.

Bedroom Sources

The paint is the same Alpine Trail and Night Blooming Jasmine used in the rest of the trailer. The beam is the same cedar used in the rest of the trailer, refer to the Cedar Beam section for more information. The countertop is cement-look laminate from Ikea. The wall hanger is from Amazon, as are the bedside lights and grey wool blanket. The pillows are from World Market (here are some similar ones) and the white blanket is from Costco, they no longer carry it, here is a similar one from Amazon. The scarf was thrifted and the hat is from Head N’ Home. The shelves Shaun made out of cedar, the books on them are thrifted. The closet curtain I made from drop cloth and shower curtain hooks on a wooden closet rod.

This trailer was so much fun to renovate. It took more time, money, and effort than we had planned on or expected, but it was worth every bit of it. If you would like to follow along with our renovations and adventures you can find us on instagram and on youtube. If you are doing your own RV renovation we offer you a huge virtual high-five and would love to see what you are working on!



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